A Dream

A dream where I saw an experiment being conducted. One person(A) died after lengthy sickness. She offered her body for future experiments. Another person(B) then entered this body under medical supervision to understand how things work. The body of A fired up as person B with the name of person B. B was asked to access the memory of A since Memory was an object resident in the brain which should be available ‘as is’ to anyone who can access it. This is the point where I woke up. Do we wake up from dreams when we find the idea too irrational? After gathering my thoughts around what I dreamt I continued the experiment consciously. The premise was that a fully functional body ie no missing vital organ was available to be accessed by a different ‘person’ to find out what is core to your body and what constitutes ‘life/soul’? Using my dream, where the memory is an accessible resident object within a body, then Name is also saved in a memory. So B could not have woken up as A because at the time of transfer Memories/knowledge was left behind in body of B. To continue, all the habits, prejudices, dogma should also be resident within the body. Feeling stuck I decided to use something similar to LaPlace transform that I learnt in Engg maths. Or to make it simple, the idea of using logarithm where we use simpler add/sub operations to carry out multiply/divide and then apply antilog to transfer the result. So I used a laptop as a transform for a body. No power/life meant no access to RAM or hard disk. I could transfer the hard disk from one laptop to another but the experiment was about retaining the motherboard, input/output interfaces and even the external casing of the laptop. So what is it that starts this laptop? It is electricity which is drawn from a grid or a battery. I changed this to a AA cell which in this domain was an eternal power generator. After devising this, I felt that this substitution when transformed back would be exactly what I wanted to understand ie ‘life/soul’. This meant that if I powered a remote control using my Laptop AA cell the attributes of laptop became insignificant. A source of power, ie my AA, lying by itself, was dormant/useless. When it powers up a device, it starts up whatever be that mechanism. When it leaves that ‘body’ it does not carry any attribute, human or otherwise. So my artificial intelliegence robot when powered by this AA would develop over a lifetime and may have several attributes. But nothing i learnt here could be carried to a different ‘beast’. The new device that the AA will power up next could be a car. None of the attributes learnt as AI Robot could be carried to this car and by that inference to some other AI Robot. So I sat down to note my thought process feeling that if there is a universal life/soul then it is overrated! It has a splendid mechanism to tap energy from a power grid. But it lacks all the attributes that my brain was trying to unravel in the dream which initiated these musings.


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