A Salad for Papa

Easter time is spring time! I have a three week holiday. I am not able to enjoy it. I miss my school. We do many activities. I have fun during holidays too.

Last night made Mummy Papa run ragged. Seems the two had a chat. Soon after I went to bed. They do it often. Tactics and strategy. How to deal with me? They wonder. How to fix something now? How will it affect me long term?

I understand. The two are powerless. Unity is strength. Pooling resources helps. Makes them feel stronger. I laugh. It is easy to make them feel better. I do that. Make them feel better. It is easy. Oh, I already told that? So! I am three years old. How old are you? Whatever. Your answer does not matter. Listen to me. If you don’t I will cry till you do. So easy or difficult? How do you want it? Easy. Good. I knew. I have the power. You don’t. Feel bad. Trying to be difficult. Go on. Sulk. I am not sharing the story. Come back when you are ready. I have all the time.

Back now. Good. I am the King. I win. You don’t. Enough said. Let us move on.

So I made it difficult last night. They discussed. Made new plans. I am ahead. Alone. No need to build consensus. I too made plans.

Woke up. Time to be nice today. Will surprise them. They are not ready. Both will be off guard.

Did not cry in the morning. Opening round to me. Got ready without fuss. Simple and smart. Weather sunny. Added bonus. The two get easily cheered. Ate my breakfast. Both bowled over.

Spent time in garden with Mummy. Let Papa read his newspaper. Both jumping with joy.

Mummy started cooking. I cooked a masterplan. Everything is going well. One grand statement. I will be off the hook for weeks.

Took her chopped tomatoes and carrot. Used my plastic tools to cut these further. Got a steel plate. Arranged the two. Papa has returned from shower. Nab him while he gets ready.

Carried salad plate to his bedroom. Told him, “Only if you finish this, I will give you more.” He was happy but refused to eat. Asked me to wait. Naive. Thinks he will get his way. I have decided he will eat. Eat he must. NOW. Fed him all the carrots.

He said he will eat the salad in kitchen. Oh! No water. Must get that before he is fully ready. I am good. But sometimes I too need to put effort. To maintain my hold. Rushed to kitchen. Got my plastic glass. Moved the chair next to sink. Filled the glass. Placed the plate and glass on dining table. Then he came. Was carrying his camera. Maybe that is how I had so much time.

Brilliant! This will be the knock out blow. “Papa, I will feed you today.” Strange how he eats. One hand holding camera. Not paying full attention to my feed. If I did the same, he will be writhing. Anyway. This is charm offensive. Finished feeding. Gave him water. But some spilt. Will come back to that later.

Must do the dishes first. Just like the two. Both love it when I imitate. Dish in water. Then in dishwater. Or dishwasher. Whatever. I am three. This is my ‘get out of jail’ card.

Now back to dinner table. Must clean that as well. He continues to click. Recording is a good sign. Means all is well. These two recorded my crying once. Got ticked off by grandma when she saw it in India. Won’t dare to do that ever.

Recording means everything is good. Only photos today. No problem. Plan worked like a charm.

Now I am free. Those strategists can go back to their tactical planning. Time for me to stop narrating. Get my sleep. King will be beautiful tomorrow.


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