Earth Hour

With 4 Sundays and 5 Saturdays in March 2012, something interesting happened.

On the last Sunday of March, the clock springs forward by 1 hour to observe the Daylight Savings. This change happens overnight so one goes to bed on Saturday night aware that one hour will be lost.

Earth Hour is held on the last Saturday of March annually. Lights are turned off at 20:30 pm for one hour by households and businesses.

My superior half combines the two events on Saturday night by a forced early night around 8 pm to make sure that both Earth hour gets observed in our household and the loss of an hour of sleep is compensated by going to bed earlier than usual.

In 2012, the two events did not fall on the same evening. With only 4 Sundays, the clocks changed on  25th March i.e. we had an early night on Sat 24th March. And owing to 5 Saturdays in the month, the Earth hour was observed on Sat 31st March, i.e. another early night a week later.

I hope that World Wide Fund for Nature organises the Earth Hour on the Saturday night before the last Sunday of March instead of last Saturday of March 🙂


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