Sanskrit Alphabets – Devanagari and Roman Scripts

Sanskrit Alphabets

स्वर Svar (vowels):

अ a आ ā इ i ई ī उ u ऊ ū ऋ ṛ ॠ ṝ ऌ ḷ ॡ ḹ ए e ऐ ai ओ o औ au अं aṃ अः aḥ

व्यन्जन Vyanjan (Consonants):

क k ख kh ग g घ gh ङ ṅ 

च c छ ch ज j झ jh ञ ñ

ट ṭ ठ ṭh ड ḍ ढ ḍh ण ṇ

त t थ th द d ध dh न n

प p फ ph ब b भ bh म m

य y र r ल l व v   – अन्तस्थ Antastha (Approximant)

श ś ष  स s ह h – ऊष्म ūṣma (Fricative)

Alphabets – By Sounds:

कण्ठ्य kaṇṭhya (Guttural): अ a आ ā अं aṃ अः aḥ क k ख kh ग g घ gh ङ ṅ  ह h

तालव्य tālavya (Palatal):  इ i ई ī  च c छ ch ज j झ jh ञ ñ य y श ś

मूर्धन्य mūrdhanya (Retroflex): ऋ ṛ ॠ ṝ ट ṭ ठ ṭh ड ḍ ढ ḍh ण ṇ र r  ष ṣ

दन्त्य dantya (Dental): ऌ ḷ ॡ ḹ त t थ th द d ध dh न n ल l स s

ओष्ठ्य oṣṭhya (Labial): उ u ऊ ū प p फ ph ब b भ bh म m  व v

कण्ठतालव्य kaṇṭhatālavya  (Palato-Guttural): ए e ऐ ai

कण्ठोष्ट्य kaṇṭhoṣṭhya (Labio-Guttural): ओ o औ au

Update: added this on Tumblr describing vertical distinction. The colour coding above is restricted to horizontal grouping.


One thought on “Sanskrit Alphabets – Devanagari and Roman Scripts

  1. offshore company

    The National Library at Kolkata romanization , intended for the romanization of all Indic scripts , is an extension of IAST . It differs from IAST in the use of the symbols ē and ō for ए and ओ (e and o are used for the short vowels present in many Indian languages), the use of ‘ḷ’ for the consonant (in Kannada ) ಳ, and the absence of symbols for ॠ ऌ and ॡ.


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