The new face

I will label this as my second favourite post by Dr. Bhogle just behind his famous comparison of the two rain rule methods (D/L and VJD).

Big Talk

2013Year2013 is the International Year of Statistics. To kick off the Year, the International Indian Statistical Association (IISA) recently organized a conference on Statistics, Science and Society at Chennai, and, to my surprise, invited me to give a talk!

I called my talk “The Statistician’s New Face”, although I could also have called it “Some Thoughts on the Changing Paradigms and Emerging Meta Currents in the Statistical Landscape Over the Past Four Decades” — a title that might have appealed to the retired sub-editors of The Hindu, but practically no one else.

This title aroused enough curiosity when it was posted online; in fact I received multiple emails from obscure publishers offering to publish my “book” … when all I had was a five-line abstract!


Thinking up the title was the easy part. The harder part was to spin a story around this title. If today’s statistician is going…

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