Milind Pandit

After about 25 posts, I reviewed whether I wrote about ‘Random’ topics in the preceding 2 years to justify a title I picked randomly.

I translated Antu Barva in Hindi to better understand every word that Pu La Deshpande had written about his famous creation. Like many others, I have re-read this sketch many times over several years. On this occasion, I got to spend days with this beloved character.

A one line follow up post, where I provided links to the youtube video, Marathi text and my translation, became the most popular post on this site as Google redirected  a few Pu La fans here.

I have also translated Pu La’s appreciation of Lata Mangeshkar’s singing when she completed 25 years in the industry. This time in English.

People search for images of ‘Laxmi, Saraswati and Ganesh’. Some were directed to this site and I hope that a tiny percentage of those, also took time to read this.

I had to hunt down my old spreadsheet to help my friend choose a suitable mortgage deal. So I made Flexible Mortgage Calculator public. I don’t expect Google to redirect mortgage searches to this post but next time I need it, I will find it easier to quickly locate this spreadsheet.

I try hard but fail to be funny in my posts as well. Here I tried hard to compare the rain in London with Pune and failed to pictorially represent the group stage format for past, present and future IPLs, tongue placed firmly in cheek.

Whether he needs it or not, I gave some plot ideas to Vikram Seth for his sequel to ‘A Suitable Boy’ through a letter to my mother. I also wrote to mum about Transplantation and Mother’s day.

While watching 2011 Cricket World Cup, I devised a simple and elegant alternative to Net Run rate -‘Pandit Ball Difference‘ .  ICC hasn’t called me yet.

Soon after Vikram Seth did not hear about my suggestions, I told Roger Federer to learn from Tendulkar when he failed at French Open to extend his streak of 23 successive grand slam semi-final appearances, and later did not reach Wimbledon finals.

While on Tennis at Wimbledon, here’s me looking at record breaking statistics in the longest tennis match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut.

Dominique Moisi, a columnist for Project Syndicate, was the next in line after Vikram and Roger. I told him here, how his article ‘India’s wary rise’ did not meet my expectations.

I spared Lionel Messi though. I was watching Champions League Football on TV, a day after he destroyed Arsenal, and writing at the same time. End result was a mess.

But I have advice for those who liked the film – Rajnigandha. I think some people have failed to fully understand the silent passages in this film.  They can benefit from my explanation because I have read the short story on which this film is based.

My advice to those who always wanted to know about the Yaksha’s questions that appear in Aranya Parva of Mahabharat in Section 311 – read Yudhishthira’s answers in English.

And anyone who wants to know more about Van Gogh will have to wait. This post is unfinished.


2 thoughts on “Milind Pandit

  1. Lalit Deshmukh Photography

    You are funny in your own way, and only those who know you understand that humor really well 🙂 In your writing and language Saraswati’s blessings are always seen, and I am proud that I am your friend. You have given advice to rich and famous. Some poor and not famous like us may have some beneficial input from you and they might just hear you as well. ..Those four years…. Lalit

    1. Milind Post author

      I started logging Adhip’s pearls as tweets. He is teaching me how to be effortlessly funny but I am turning out to be a very bad student.


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